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Envelope Yourself in Our Organic Essential Aromas and Ingredients, Derived from Pure Plant Extracts.


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100% Pure Botanical Oil

Our Organic Botanical Oil has been widely used across the world for centuries. Derived from blossoms, the light sweet, honeyed floral smelling oil has many benefits and is used for aromatherapy and therapeutic practices.


This very pure and rare botanical oil can be used in several ways to soothe and heal the human body. Use of the oil has not been reported to have side effects of skin irritation or sensitivity, and is non-toxic. The oil is also used to heal thread vein scars, increase blood circulation, and to relieve anxiety and tension in the body. Our botanical oil is excellent for headaches, shock, insomnia, tension, and vertigo. This essential oil is mixed with our Natural Facial Cleanser to help stimulate skin cell growth, prevent scarring of the skin, and battles the appearance of dark marks (acne, age spots) and other scars.


Pure Botanical Oil Benefits:


• Our botanical increases blood circulation, skin elasticity, and can be used in under eye creams to help reduce broken capillaries that appear as dark under-eye circles.


• Rejuvenates skin by stimulating cell growth and regeneration. Massaging the oil onto the skin is widely used for its amazing results in scar and stretch mark treatment.


• Botanical as an ingredient because of its antibacterial qualities. The oil can be used as an antiseptic on cuts and wounds because it clears the dirt and has been shown to kill bacteria that may have entered the skin. Applying the oil to the wound is also said to help provide instant pain relief. It also helps clears dirt and balances the oil on the skin that may otherwise clog pores, resulting in blemishes and acne.


• This botanical oil is believed to have a calming, positive effect on people with angry moods and who are suffering from anxiety.


• Helps with colds and flu, and a person suffering may benefit by reducing excess mucus production, which allows breathing and sleeping through the night much easier.


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