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"I have used Glycolic Acid for a long time, but this form is so simple. I've only been using it for about one week and I am floored by the improvement in my skin. I have adult acne, and have had horrible skin my whole life, this product is wonderful. I am also so happy that I do not need a prescription for Glycolic. I have told all my friends about it and even bought some for them."



Glycolic Acid for Better Skin and More Collagen Production?

Glycolic acid is a natural and highly effective way to exfoliate or refine the skin. Maybe you’ve heard of a glycolic peel or even experienced one before. When used topically, this natural acid helps to remove dead skin cells, which can benefit many common skin concerns from acne to wrinkles (and many others in between).

Glycolic acid works by breaking the bonds of those old, no longer needed skin cells which can clog up pores and make the skin look dull. After using glycolic acid, many people report a more revitalized, glowing appearance.


What Is Glycolic Acid?

Both alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs) are commonly used in skincare products today. The BHA most commonly used in cosmetics is salicylic acid. Common AHAs used in cosmetics include glycolic, malic and lactic acid. As an AHA, glycolic acid is considered to be an “effective active compound” in the skincare world.

So what is glycolic acid? It’s a colorless and odorless alpha hydroxy acid which is typically derived from sugar cane. Its chemical formula is C2H4O3. Glycolic acid can also be created synthetically.

What is glycolic acid structure like? It’s considered a hygroscopic (it readily takes up and retains moisture) crystalline solid. Glycolic acid is the smallest of the AHAs and it also has the most simple structure. The simple and small-sized molecules are said to easily and readily penetrate the skin.

In beauty products, you’ll often see glycolic acid as a percentage. For example, glycolic acid 10% means that 10 percent of the formula is glycolic acid. A higher percentage means it’s a stronger glycolic acid product.


Benefits for Skin

In general, glycolic acid works as a skin exfoliant that helps to remove the outer, dead skin cells. It can also help to get rid of excess oil.

As an active skincare ingredient, it can speed up thew skin renewal process and improve the texture as well as the appearance of skin.

Dermatologists and estheticians may recommend glycolic acid for the following skin concerns:


In addition, to improving this wide variety of skin-related problems, glycolic acid can also increase collagen production.

According to Kenneth Howe, M.D., a dermatologist at Wexler Dermatology in New York City, “Glycolic acid stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis to produce increased amounts of collagen,” says Dr. Howe.

Why is this a good thing? As we age, our body’s collagen generation naturally slows down so a boost to production can equate to a more youthful appearance including firmer, smoother skin.


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How does it Work?

The Pimple Eraser’s Hands-Free Applicator
evenly dispenses just the right amount of our
Unique Glycolic Acid onto its special exfoliating pad, which inhibits bacteria growth when you rub it over your clean skin. It exfoliates dead skin cells, exposing live skin cells.
The Pimple Eraser's Unique Glycolic Formula,
combined with daily use of our Natural Facial
Cleanser and our Daily Moisturizer with Vitamins C & E SPF 30 UVA & UVB Protection delivers dramatic results far beyond expectations.



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