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Envelope Yourself in Our Organic Essential Aromas and Ingredients, Derived from Pure Plant Extracts.


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Green Tea

This miracle plant and beverage may have even more unexpected benefits. Beyond lowering your blood pressure, fighting against allergies and generally boosting your immune system, green tea can lessen your risk of skin cancer and leave you with glowing skin.


Green tea also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. In addition to the benefits listed above, green tea catechins are anti-bacterial and can decrease hormone activity. This means green tea is an effective way to control acne, without the unpleasant side effects. If your skin is very sensitive and often red, our products containing green tea extract may help soothe it, and improve the overall appearance of your complexion.


Green tea protects against sunburn. Since exposure to sunlight is a major factor that ages the skin, it is reasonable to assume that our green tea cream could help prevent premature aging. Therefore, green tea constituents may be useful topically for promoting skin regeneration, wound healing, or treatment of certain epithelial conditions such as aphthous ulcers (canker sores mouth), psoriasis, rosacea, and actinic keratosis.


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