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My Story…

I had terrible acne as a teenager and young adult, and these were self-confidence-

building years, so I was desperate and willing to try anything to clear up my face,

but nothing ever worked. My Uncle bought me Clinique skincare because they had

a product called "Pimple Stick" which was easy to use and carry. However, the

product contained the drug Benzoyl Peroxide, a spot treatment that caused white

spots on my face. So, I rubbed it all over so the white spots would sort of even out.

The product was not perfect, but it worked better than others. Then Clinique

discontinued the Pimple Stick. The alternative was birth control pills. Which were

okay, but the acne was still present, and now I had another drug. I started working

as a registered nurse and met a physician who asked if I wanted to try a new

skincare treatment that had just come on the market for doctors' to use on acne and aging in their offices. I was desperate and did not feel good about my face, so I

received Glycolic Acid Skin Peels at 99% strength. After one application, my

face was amazing!

Best of all, No Drugs or harsh Chemicals because Glycolic Acid is naturally

occurring organic compound derived from sugar cane.

I had an idea, what if I could help others by assisting them in putting their best face

forward, building confidence and self-esteem, and the solution was drug-free.

Drugs are an issue for me because my mother died at 38 as a drug abuser.

Therefore, being raised by my grandparents and uncle, feeling good about myself

became important. After many glycolic acid trials and errors, I went to Custom

Research Lab in the neighborhood with a unique formula and the Pimple Eraser

was born.

My skin has been flawless for years, and I have not worn foundation make-up

since my early 20s. Although many people think I am in my 30's, I am 55 years


Initially, Pimple Eraser gained popularity from selling out of our medical offices

and day spa. The customer response was overwhelming, and everyone commented

on how great my skin always looked. After having acne as a teenager and into my

adult life, I realized that the Pimple Eraser was very special.

In January 2004, I started with Good Neighbor Pharmacies and placed my product

in their stores on a 30-day consignment. Soon, we had a solid customer base that

ordered the Pimple Eraser regularly. Pimple Eraser Acne Anti-Aging Glycolic

Hands-Free was just the beginning of Miracle Care Products!

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