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Miracle Mud Mask

Miracle Mud Mask


Mud   Over period of thousands of years this residue was transformed into a fine paste that easily dissolves in the water, has unusual concentration of bio-minerals, trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, plant hormones and fatty acids in a molecular form that is easy for the human skin to absorb. Think of it as a plant extract not from just one plant, but hundreds that reflects environment of Earth 10.000 years ago, without present day pollution. Its uncanny ability to heal, nourish and detoxify has been observed by people for millennia and used scientifically in European Spas for well over a century.


Regular use of our Unique Mud for Face & Body offers the following benefits:



  • Reduce appearance of fine lines
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lightens pigmentation
  • Tightens pores
  • Improve circulatory system
  • Clear skin of acne, blemishes, toxins and unwanted fluids by drawing out impurities
  • Heal, rejuvenates and saturates your skin cells from inside out.


Healing   Properties of our mud mask work on detoxifying as well as rejuvenating your skin, reduces wrinkles and redness. Suitable for all types of skin removes impurities from deep in your skin without irritating or drying, refines and still softens the skin.


Actions and Benefits:  The natural minerals and medicinal properties of our Mud are absorbed via the skin. It promotes circulation, reduces tissue inflammation, stimulates the immune system, promotes muscular relaxation, relieves pain, breaks down fat cells, detoxifies and improves range of motion.






Are you ready for a sweet truth that’s sure to satisfy your sweet face? We’re giving you an excuse to justify that chocolate addiction because when it comes to great antioxidant sources, you don’t need to look much further than cocoa. Good news, right? Just wait—it gets better.



Cocoa rich dark chocolate contains organic compounds like polyphenols, flavanols, catechins, and more antioxidants than many fruits and vegetables. By weight, it has more antioxidants than blueberries, green tea or red wine. How much more exactly? Well, try these numbers on for size: it contains double the antioxidants of red wine and five times that of green tea. You probably already know that several ingredients in this sweet treat offer mood-boosting benefits, but there’s even more to it than that. Believe it or not, a chemical within cocoa helps protect skin from the damaging effects of sun exposure and can play a role in impacting the visible signs of aging.


They say our skin is a true reflection of health because it's the last place to get nutrition, but cocoa is a source of manganese which helps nutrient absorption (and sex hormone production when eaten, bonus!).


Not only that, but by reducing our stress hormones, chocolate gives you a happy high AND prevents the breakdown of collagen - the wrinkle-busting protein that keeps skin plump and youthful.


Whether you eat dark chocolate as is, or use it as a topical beauty treatment, here’s what this indulgent food can do for your skin!

Protects from sun damage
According to research, eating dark chocolate gives you a smoother skin texture, 25% less skin redness when exposed to the sun, and prolonged skin hydration. Flavonoids in chocolate help reflect harmful UV rays off your skin, preventing sunburn and conditions like skin cancer. Dark chocolate also helps fight skin discolouration.

Prevents premature aging / ageing
Dark chocolate helps reduce dark spots and pigmentation and keeps skin glowing and healthy. It also works to bring back skin moisture and keeps it locked in, improves collagen content, and boosts circulation, all of which help delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Promotes cell growth
Essential minerals found in dark chocolate like copper, iron, and zinc promote cell growth and nourish your skin, keeping it looking younger. Dark chocolate also detoxifies skin and sloughs off dead skin cells, helping your skin look fresh and radiant.


Heals skin
Dark chocolate is enriched with minerals that increase cell healing. In addition to revealing smooth skin by sloughing off dead skin cells, dark chocolate also lightens skin scars and blemishes.

Reduces stress
High levels of stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Magnesium, the original chill pill, suppresses the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Since dark chocolate contains ample magnesium, it helps reduce stress, which in turn prevents collagen breakdown, keeping your skin healthy. Magnesium also helps you sleep better, which is important for healthy skin.

Reduces inflammation
Chronic inflammation keeps your body in a constant state of alert. Flavanols in dark chocolate help reduce inflammation, helping with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and keeping the skin look youthful.

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